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Photos courtesy of Jeremiah Trimble
FIrst photo: Blue Footed Boobey
1) Greater Flamingo
2) Sally lightfoot crab
3) Giant tortoise
4) Marine Iguana
5) Blue Footed Boobey


Galápagos Islands
(aboard the 48-guest Islander)

January 12 - 21, 2013 (10 days)

Double occupancy: From $5,720 per person
Single occupancy: From $8,580
HMNH Study Leader:
Prof. Janet Browne

Optinal Extension to Peru including Machu Picchu

The sheer amount of wildlife here is astounding. Tortoises. Blue-footed boobies. The famous finches. Beachmasters, harems and doe-eyed sea lion pups that swim with us. Skies filled with wheeling, courting, red-throated frigatebirds. Lava rocks piled high with motionless marine iguanas. A mind-boggling plethora of creatures,untainted by fear, living in a paradise of azure waters, white beaches and cool mangrove stands. Expert naturalists are always present to point out wildlife behaviors and characteristics so that we may observe, inquire and react as it unfolds before our eyes.

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