Monkey Illustration from the book, Dr. Dolittle.

Special Activity

Animal Talk Scavenger Hunt

From December 21st through January 21st (excluding December 24, 25, and January 1), come dressed as your favorite animal and use clues to find six of Dr. Dolittle's animal friends in the museum and learn how that animal communicates. Then, like Dr. Dolittle, tell us what you think that animal is saying by drawing or writing on the sheet provided. Regular admission rates apply.

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Two moldy strawberries.  

New Exhibit

Fruits in Decay

Fruits in Decay is a new special exhibit in the Glass Flowers gallery that explores blight, rot, and other diseases on summer fruits.

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Cassiopeia A, a well-known supernova remnant pictured in space by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory


Cosmic Origins

Visitors to this new small exhibit—located within our Earth & Planetary Sciences exhibition—will investigate the origins of and processes shaping planetary bodies and stars by using touchable specimens, colorful visuals, and interactive media.

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