A woman deeply smelling flowers.

Free Public Lecture

Olfaction in Science and Society

On Wednesday, February 26, Catherine Dulac and Venkatesh Murthy will engage in a conversation with internationally recognized olfactive expert Dawn Goldworm to discuss how neurobiological research on olfaction relates to our everyday experiences. Advance registration is recommended.


Carton of a monkey with the head of Charles Darwin.

Free Public Lecture

Who Discovered Evolution?

On Tuesday, March 3, William Friedman will discuss the ideas of these pre-Darwinian evolutionists, place Darwin in a broader historical context, and examine the nature of scientific discovery and attribution.

Two jars filled with liquid and food.  

Special Event

Fermentophone: Meet the Artist

On Saturday, February 22, meet artist Joshua Pablo Rosenstock and learn about his inspiration for the fermentophone during an informal conversation.