Arthropods: Creatures That Rule

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Featuring hands-on activities, dramatic specimen displays, colorful video and graphics, and even live animals, this exhibition draws on the latest scientific research to explore arthropods’ extraordinary evolutionary success and their impact on our lives. Evolving for more than 500 million years, these creatures range in size from giant king crabs to microscopic mites, represent over 80% of all animal species, and have colonized every corner of the planet.

Orb-Weavers: Masters of the Spider World

 Orb-Weavers: Masters of the Spider World is a small, special exhibit in the Arthropods Gallery that examines the evolution of the orb web and explore how capture strategies used by its arachnid builders have shaped web design.

The Rockefeller Beetles

The Rockefeller Beetles is a small exhibit that will feature hundreds of specimens from Rockefeller’s collection and recount the story of a man whose childhood pursuit grew into a lifelong passion.

Bees! (Temporarily Closed)

What’s the buzz at the Harvard Museum of Natural History? It’s all about BEES! After a long winter nap, our honeybee hive is humming again. Watch the busy life inside a hive, look for the queen, and track worker bees as they exit and return with pollen baskets full from their visits to early spring blossoms.

What's in a Name?

This part of the What's in a Name? exhibit includes an interactive kiosk about Honeybees. Learn more on the What's in a Name? website and download the free e-book.