New England’s Prehistoric Past

How has New England changed over the past 500 million years? By studying rocks, fossils, and living animals that provide the clues to ancient oceans, volcanoes, and ice ages, students will leave this lab with a better understanding of what New England looked like, who lived here, and how scientists know about these ancient environments.

Times: 9:30 am, 12:30 pm
Number of students: 30 maximum
Length: Two hours
Fee: $13.00 per student ($325 minimum per program), includes museum admission. One chaperone per five students free; $10.00 per additional adult chaperone.


Strongly supports standards: 6.MS-LS4-1, 7.MS-ESS2-2

Also supports: 6.MS-ESS2-3


One chaperone per five students is required for grades K–8. Contact us about requirements for older students.

See also: Grades 6-12

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